The director’s personal exhibition

The SMK’s exhibition Closer – Intimacies in art was curated by SMK’s director Mikkel Bogh. Here, he invited you to explore private and intimate aspects of art.

Today we welcomed the first visitors to the exhibition Closer – Intimacies in art, which explores and reveals how depictions of intimacy have changed and evolved from 1730 to 1930. Intimacy – the sense of being attuned to people, places, spaces or things – has always been in a state of flux. And that holds true in art, too.

Specially selected works
At this exhibition you will find everything from well-known major masterpieces to rarely-seen gems. The works have been carefully hand-picked by the director of the SMK from the museum’s own collection and from collections throughout the world.

The director’s thoughts on the exhibition
It’s 2016. Why is it interesting to home in on intimacy in art in our present day and age? Delve behind the scenes of the show and hear some of Mikkel Bogh’s thoughts about the exhibition.