July 11, 2010

Research and Exhibitions

Installation detail: Tomás Saraceno, Biospheres, 2009

We like to share. The National Gallery of Denmark is a vibrant fount of art expertise and art treasures, and the Gallery works hard to share these assets with the general public. We are proud and honored to discharge our duty of caring for, researching, and presenting art of the past, present, and future.

Art with a Worldwide Reach
Being the National Gallery of Denmark, SMK is obligated to present Danish art in a national as well as an international context. The Gallery collaborates with pre-eminent museums and art galleries worldwide. In the last two decades, the Gallery has had several exhibitions on Danish art tour outside of Denmark. These include The Golden Age of Danish Painting (Los Angeles & New York 1993-94), Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg (Washington, D.C. 2003), Nicolai Abildgaard (Paris and Hamburg 2008-09), Christen Købke (London and Edinburgh 2010).

Knowledge and Art Research
SMK is among the largest and leading institutions in Denmark within the field of art historical research. Much of the research focuses on works of art housed in the Gallery’s own collections. All major exhibitions are based on recent and thorough research and always accompanied by an extensive publication.

We are very aware that by collaborating with others we are able to make the most of our research. That is why the National Gallery of Denmark endeavors to co-operate and share our knowledge with scholars and other stakeholders around the world. To this end, the Gallery hosts international seminars and conferences, publishes all its catalogues in English as well as in Danish, and co-operates with museums and galleries outside of Denmark.

Extended research is conducted within the field of art history as well as art techniques and conservation. For a number of years, SMK has collaborated on research projects with universities in Denmark and worldwide. This allows PhD scholars to be attached to the Gallery and benefit from its research environment. Having extended its facilities for research on Danish and international art, SMK has established a formal research center with the aim of attracting external scholars and postgraduate students.

In the same spirit, our exhibitions arise out of our desire to share with our audiences our knowledge and the wonders of art from all over the world. We want art to be relevant. We want art to carry messages of universal import; messages that reach out to and capture the interest of all those who visit the Gallery.

The Research and Exhibitions area offers the following scope for support:

  • Funding of traveling exhibitions of Danish art in the US
  • Major donations to help realize exhibitions at National Gallery of Denmark
  • Funding for specific loans from American museums and collections in connection with special exhibitions at the National Gallery of Denmark (particularly funding for transport costs)
  • Funding of long-term loans from the National Gallery of Denmark to major American museums (particularly funding for transport costs)
  • Funding of traveling expenses for SMK curators giving guest lectures at American museums and cultural institutions (to promote general awareness of and interest in the collections at the National Gallery of Denmark)
  • Traveling expenses for SMK curators conducting research outside of Denmark, particularly in the USA
  • Scholarships for SMK curators who wish to work for longer periods of time at an American art museum or university in connection with projects at the National Gallery of Denmark
  • Scholarships for U.S. curators who wish to work for longer periods of time at the National Gallery of Denmark in connection with the upcoming Research Center
  • Establishment of a one-year Curatorial Fellowship at SMK for research conducted in connection with research and exhibition projects at SMK
  • Funding for one or more volumes of the Gallery’s annual scholarly bulletin, The SMK Art Journal
  • SMK Digital, a five–year developmental program aimed at bringing the museum to the very forefront of digital arts communication
  • The Children’s Art Museum, which presents two annual exhibitions geared specifically towards a child’s perspective