Hammershøi: Exhibition in NYC, Toronto and Seattle


Born in Copenhagen in 1864, Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi’s exquisite yet puzzling artworks have long captivated scholars and critics. In the exhibition, Painting Tranquility, Masterworks by Vilhelm Hammershøi will be presented by SMK – The National Gallery of Denmark that will show 24 masterpieces. The exhibition features paintings from Hammershøi’s body of work that include several of the quiet home interiors for which he earned the title “de stille stuers maler,” the painter of tranquil rooms.


Vilhelm Hammershoei (1864-1916), Interioer with the artist’s easel, 1910

The exhibit also looks into Hammershøi’s four main categories: reduced landscapes, unpopulated urban cityscapes, portraits, and spare, sunlight-infused interiors. Painting Tranquility will be the first exhibition in New York exclusively dedicated to Hammershøi’s work in over 15 years.