August 4, 2015

What you support: Activities

The Activities area offers the following scope for support:

  • Funding for educational projects with special focus on underprivileged youth and visitors with disabilities
  • Funding to improve visiting conditions and the educational tools available to American and other English-speaking visitors through quality translations of research publications, the online collections database, the Gallery website, and other education and communication materials
  • Workshops at the Children’s Art Museum; workshops are produced individually to match the wishes and needs of those commissioning them
  • Funding for SMK Art Labs; a venue where young people can experience, expand on, produce, share and create new knowledge and new art together
  • Funding for guided tours and learning sessions, where members of the Gallery’s curatorial staff will introduce parts of the collections or special exhibitions
  • Acquisitions of new technology for exhibitions as well as for education and presentation purposes.
  • Events arranged in cooperation with SMK and American cultural institutions
  • Travel expenses and other costs in connection with Stage events involving U.S. artists and performers
  • A five-year sponsorship of a named lecture series